What if everyone behaved like the Sales Director?

I have met quite a few sales directors during my career. They tend to be a particular bunch. There are exceptions, of course, there always are. But on the whole if you want to find the most traditionalist diehard in the organization, just walk through the door of the sales department.

Finnish readers, who have come across the book Myynninmurtajat, know exactly what I mean.

I have heard sales directors and salespeople repeatedly utter the phrase: ”Look, I’ve been doing sales for 10/20/30 [insert correct number of decades here] years, and the only thing that gets sales is cold calls and meetings, lots of them.”

This has left me wondering what would happen if, say, the Head of ICT dug her heels in and refused to adopt any new methods, because those IBM PC’s that were bought in 1984 work just fine. Yeah, they would have been sacked by 1990.

So, I began toying with this idea a bit further, and this is the result. Enjoy!

What if everyone behaved like the sales director